Why are our results innovative?

Human focus

They are based on the human-centered approach.

International cooperation

They combine know-how from different systems.


They can be applied with diverse learners.

The Action for Future project combines the efforts of 5 partners, representing different regions of Europe – Central (Startklar Soziale Arbeit gGmbH - Germany and BEST - Austria), Eastern (Your Ideas Matter - Bulgaria), Northern (LoPe - Norway) and Southern (AFP Patronato San Vincenzo - Italy).

The starting point of our joint effort is supporting adult trainers in the delivery of training to young adults in risk through design thinking methodology for civic engagement and participation.

By equipping adult trainers with the adequate design thinking manual (IO1) and resource book (IO2) we aim at increasing the quality of training provided to disadvantaged young adults, so that they can successfully engage in community development initiatives. In that sense, our proposal is in direct link with one of the adult specific priorities of Erasmus+ programme for 2020, which emphasises on “extending and developing the competences of educators and other personnel in effective teaching of low-qualified adults”

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Statements from our trainers

Michela Molta


“It’s important to support them not only by teaching them hard skills, but also by helping them to develop soft skills. It’s also important to nurture their self-confidence so that they can express their full potential and explore new ways and possibilities.”

Stefanie Lerchbaumer


Austria: "In the adult education classroom, trainers have to be aware of the fact that many learners might have had such negative school and learning experiences, and in some cases are even traumatised by these experiences. Therefore, it is important for trainers to approach their learners - and this is important from the beginning of any training - on eye level and to acknowledge them for who they are."

Kirilka Angelova


“Activities connected with their personal drama. Once, on the second day of training, I did an activity called ‘Diagram of life’. However, the young people were not ready at that moment, because the activity was too personal and therefore too complex for them.”

Allison Rutkowski


“Design thinking should be introduced by means of a practical example. A concrete example clearly helps to grasp the method more comprehensively.”

Peri Tincman


"What surprises me is the creativity of young people - even when they are traumatized.”


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