On July 4, 2022, the final event of the ERASMUS* project «Action for Future» took place in Freilassing (Germany).
How can young people be supported in becoming self-determined for their concerns? How can development processes take place with the participation of young people instead of over their heads?
The ERASMUS+ project “Action for Future”, which has been implemented in five European countries over the last two years under the leadership of Startklar Soziale Arbeit, investigated these questions.
As part of the project, design thinking was tested as an approach in working with young people, methods were developed and summarized in two manuals.
The final event was attended by 40 professionals who work with young people in the field of youth work, training or coaching. In the keynote, Tamara Wintereder from SPES Upper Austria presented how young people can be «moved» with design thinking. Daniel Schneider, Elisabeth Worbs, Andreas Gröbner and Stefanie Rasp reported on their experiences in implementing the project in practice. Students from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences presented the methods manual and tested methods with the group. In the afternoon, workshops were held on participation and the implementation of design thinking in work with young people.
“Just try it ” was the concluding recommendation of those who were involved.
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