The Verein Fair und Sensibel Österreich (“Association for Fairness and Sensitivity“),, is a reknown Austrian organisation dedicated to improve understanding and cooperation within society, in particular bringing together people of different backgrounds and origins. Verein Fair und Sensibel supports disadvantaged groups of society in Austria, especially young people. The association is affiliated with the Vienna Police Department, works with responsible ministries and stakeholders and organises various initiatives, projects and events in order to foster respective sensitisation and active understanding within society. In addition, the association is dedicated to improving the life conditions of disadvantaged groups by educational and cultural activities. Fair und Sensibel is very experienced in national and international projects and disposes of a wide and active network of relevant stakeholders in the Austrian context.

As a long-term cooperation partner of the Action for Future Austrian partner BEST, Fair and Sensibel provides support by delivering regular workshops to young learners, for example on civic courage and engagement, active participation in society and intercultural communication.


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